Simple Way of Life

Simplicity flows from well-ordered living.
  It is less a matter of doing without, than a spiritual quality that simplifies our lives by putting first things first.
  A simple way of life, freely chosen, is a source of strength, joy, and comfort.
  Friends are advised to strive for simplicity in the use of our earnings and property, and in our style of living, choosing that which is simple and useful.  This does not mean that life is to be poor and bare, destitute of joy and beauty.
  Each must determine, by the Light that is given, what promotes and what hinders the compelling search for inner peace that enables us to listen deeply to God.

~ Baltimore Yearly Meeting


  1. Dear Kim...such lovely words to live by! It has such a warm and homey feel ... just the way that I want our home to be! Thank you for sharing. I hope that your week is filled with sweet pleasures and simple blessings ~ my dear friend. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Beautiful words dear Kim...I agree very much. Blessings friend

  3. So beautiful and so true !!
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Kim, so glad to see your post...sorry I am late commenting I have been away from blogging tending to my husband's needs. We have been Blessed with him now back to health! What a Blessing!


  5. Hello dear Kim!
    I love the pretty image and the quote you've shared with us. Such good counsel..simplicity "does not mean that life is to be poor and bare, destitute of joy and beauty."
    I so agree!
    Thanks for visiting me today...it's always a pleasure to catch up with you :-)
    God bless you, my friend
    Trish xx

  6. This is what I am doing. Finding my purpose, once again, in the simple life. Thank you so much for sharing... Something to keep in our minds.