Simple Way of Life

Simplicity flows from well-ordered living.
  It is less a matter of doing without, than a spiritual quality that simplifies our lives by putting first things first.
  A simple way of life, freely chosen, is a source of strength, joy, and comfort.
  Friends are advised to strive for simplicity in the use of our earnings and property, and in our style of living, choosing that which is simple and useful.  This does not mean that life is to be poor and bare, destitute of joy and beauty.
  Each must determine, by the Light that is given, what promotes and what hinders the compelling search for inner peace that enables us to listen deeply to God.

~ Baltimore Yearly Meeting


Stitched with Love

This is a quilt I put together for my youngest son's high school graduation.

 Each 12-inch quilt block was lovingly designed and created by a family member or friend.  As you can see, the blocks are all very different, unique, and creative!
Once I received all the quilt blocks, I sewed them together with dark green cotton fabric.  The backing is made from a twin-size flannel flat sheet.
 A quilt shop did a lovely job machine quilting the piece.


A quilt is a blanket of love.


Home Light

The light is what guides you home,
 the warmth is what keeps you there.
~ Ellie Rodriguez


Peaceful Summer Days

Monkshood and Bellflowers in my Alaskan garden.


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,
a place to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.
~ John Muir


A Spiritual Home

Prayer ~  I take time daily to be with God in silent or spoken prayer.  Prayer provides spiritual refreshment, guidance, and peace.


Keeping a Sabbath Day ~  Although I believe every day is holy, the Sabbath Day is different in that it is a day I plan to be with my family and friends outside enjoying nature - God's most beautiful temple.


Silent or Spoken Grace ~ Silent or spoken grace before a meal is so important; especially for children who are learning to know and feel the Presence of God.  Each meal is an opportunity to commune with the Light of God and to give thanks for our blessings.


Reading Inspirational Books ~  Reading inspiring spiritual books offers peace, encouragement, guidance, and spiritual growth.


Loving Home Atmosphere -  I strive to make our home a welcoming place of love, joy, peace, contentment, and kindness where the Presence of God is known and felt.



Celtic Blessings

May the blessing of light be on you ~
light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shine on you
and warm your heart
till it glows like a great peat fire.

~ An Old Celtic Blessing


An Ordered Plan of Love

This is my favorite encouraging message to mothers of young children.  It is a beautiful, spiritual gem.


To a young child home stands for God.  In it he learns to see and touch the gifts of God.  If his mother is wise she will make his home beautiful.  She will copy the world's creator and make a tiny new Eden.  She will bring in flowers and give the child animals and feed the birds.  The food on the table will be clean and simple and good.  It will not only taste nice, it will look nice . . .

It is in his home that the child should assimilate the Sermon on the Mount, not as if it were being drilled in his brain by words, but as if he were breathing it in his whole being like the air . . .

The ordering of time, which seems so simple, really requires great skill and energy from the mother.  It has tremendous importance, above all if it is related (as it obviously should be) to the rhythm of day and night and is interwoven with prayer.

The child should wake to the singing of the birds (and they sing in the cities as well as in the woods).  Give his heart to God, when light is young, play for long hours when the world is awake and lively.  He should form habits of regular hunger and thirst, so that food and hunger come together, and his grace is a real thanking.  With twilight there should come stillness in the house and he should be lit to bed by the stars.

From such ordering of time he will learn unconsciously, though it may be years before he thinks this out, that he is not part of that chaos that man has made of this world, with its fearful abuse of time, but part of an ordered plan of love.
~ Caryll Houselander